Reclaiming Space: How A Former Clay Pit Became A Pond, Landfill, and Public Park

Take a stroll down Massirio Drive in Berlin, Connecticut, and you might have a hard time envisioning the landfill that once occupied the site. Even less evident would be the original, unnamed pond that once meandered along the edge of Farmington Avenue. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Berlin was regionally known for its brick factories -- the production of which required gangs of men with picks, shovels, and heavy equipment to dig holes all across the country side to extract the necessary clay. When the clay pits stopped yielding workable material in sufficient quantity, the would be flooded with water to create artificial ponds suitable for fishing, boating, and other recreationa

Along The Branford River, A New Chapter For An Industrial Site

When it was constructed in 1906, The Atlantic Wire Company's Branford mill was a modern, well-equipped facility designed to transform milling steel rods into a variety of specialty wires in varying thicknesses and coatings. Through two World Wars and multiple stock market crashes, the mill continued operations, supporting several hundred local families. But with the decline of American manufacturing, the facility began to encounter difficulties, both economic and environmental. The Atlantic Wire Company formally declared bankruptcy in 2008 after being charged with polluting the Branford River. Following bankruptcy, the property was sold and has undergone partial remediation Current plans for

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