A New Vision for North Haven's Center Block

The aptly-named Center Block in North Haven is bounded by Church Street, Elm Street, Linsley Street, and Broadway. In addition to the historic 1886 Town Hall, it also contains the police station, fire department, library, and other municipal property. However, the ad-hoc acquisition of the parcels by the Town has resulted in a fragmented pattern of circulation and connectivity despite 80% of the land being under common ownership. With the help of a DECD grant, the Town selected TPA to provide a Master Plan vision for the Center Block. The design process involved outreach to municipal staff at the library, fire department, and police department to better understand how these entities used the

In The Land Of Steady Habits, Crafting A New Streetscape That Fits In

To take a drive in Washington Depot through the hills of Litchfield County is to glimpse a more agrarian, rural Connecticut that has largely disappeared from more developed portions of the state. Stately colonial homes, quaint churches, and charming little shops lend a rustic, historic feeling and beckon thousands of visitors each year interested in antiques, crafts, Fall foliage, and fine dining. The pace of change in the last 100 years has been restrained, aside from the impact of the automobile and the Flood of 1955. Much as the railroad altered the landscape in the 19th century, so did the advent of the automobile in the early 20th century. Local industries such as dairy farms, quarries,

Near Science Park, Multi-Family Housing to Transform a Vacant Industrial Site

TPA is providing civil engineering design, erosion control observations, and permit application services related to the proposed 400 unit residential redevelopment on a 12 acre industrial site straddling the Dixwell and Newhallville neighborhoods. TPA has been working with Double A Development and the City of New Haven to facilitate a transformation of the site. As an initial step, a Zone Change application to allow a change from heavy industrial to residential use was submitted and approved by the Board of Alders. A full site plan application is expected later in 2018. In its heyday, the site comprised Tract C of the Winchester Repeating Arms facility for the production of bullets and shot

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