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TPA provided civil engineering and landscape architecture design services for the Ironburgh Organization’s redevelopment of Winchester Tract C, a 12 acre industrial site straddling the Dixwell and Newhallville neighborhoods. The site was historically used for the production of cartridge primers for Winchester ammunition in the early to mid 20th century. In later years, it was converted into a chemical research and development facility for the Olin Corporation.


Accommodating a 377 unit multi-family residential building and 21 townhomes required careful coordination between the environmental engineer and TPA’s earthwork strategy for achieving isolation of contaminated soils. Calculations of on-site clean soil and estimates of contaminated materials allowed Ironburgh Organization and its construction manager, Hudson Meridian, to proceed with a cost-effective redevelopment plan where a previous developer had stalled.

Site plan improvements include a playground, dog park, and passive recreation space for tenants. 152 surface parking spaces, bicycle racks, benches, and LED lighting serve tenant needs. Subsurface drainage and utilities were design to accommodate the environmental closure strategy and avoid disturbances in Areas of Concern. New sidewalks, granite curbs, ornamental lights, and street trees will improve pedestrian connectivity to the adjacent Science Park complex and Farming Canal Heritage Bike Trail.


Because environmental remediation of the site required significant clearing of existing vegetation, TPA devised a screening approach that would reduce visual trespass of construction and site operations into the adjacent residential neighborhood. A gentle slope across the passive recreation space creates a six-foot berm near the property line. Native deciduous and evergreen trees planted on top will further obscure views into the site. Low-mow native grasses and forbs along the side slopes will reduce the need for weekly maintenance that would disturb neighbors.


Hudson Meridian began construction of the project in 2022 with completion expected in 2024.

Perspective Renderings by Lessard Design Group

Tract C Map.jpg
201 Munson Street Site Plan.jpg
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