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Using physical, demographic and economic factors, forecasting critical issues, and formulating realistic implementation strategies are the tools for comprehensive planning initiatives.  TPA Design Group has employed this strategy for over seven decades to provide both public and private entities with a thoughtful, market-based road map to the future.  TPA Design Group is a member of the American Planning Association and the Urban Land Institute.


  • Municipal Development Plans

  • Environmental Impact Analysis

  • Community Outreach Programs

  • Grant Applications/Administration

  • Regulation/Ordinance Preparation

  • Brownfields Development

  • Urban Planning

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Strategic and Neighborhood Plans

  • Economic Development Initiatives

  • Plans of Conservation and Development

  • Zoning Reviews

  • Parks & Recreation Master Plans

Open Space and Cultural Resources Plan for Woodbury, CT
Recreational Master Plan for Wolfe Park in Monroe, CT
Concept Plan for Wilson Corridor Study in Windsor, CT
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