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TPA Design group practices sustainable design principles such as wetland boardwalks

Technical Planning Associates, Inc., dba TPA Design Group, was founded in 1945 to assist Connecticut communities in meeting the challenge of planning for the future.   TPA was a pioneer in the profession of community planning, preparing the first Plans of Development in the state, regional land use plans, and community renewal plans.  From the start, the firm established a reputation for its multi-disciplinary approach, focusing the goals and views of many into a shared vision.


Over the years, TPA’s focus has shifted with the challenges and opportunities of the times.  TPA added civil engineering in the early 1960’s, enabling the firm to become a leader in managing critical urban renewal projects in New Haven, Bridgeport, Danbury and other urban centers.  Landscape architecture became a third area of focus in the late 1970’s, positioning the firm to take advantage of widespread interest in environmentally sensitive design.  More recently, the heightened emphasis on sustainability and “green” design approaches, has led to increased demand for TPA’s design and engineering expertise from institutions, municipal planners, developers and individual property owners.


Throughout our 70-plus years of award-winning history, TPA has celebrated a respect for the interrelationship of people and place.  We listen carefully to our clients’ concerns and objectives and endeavor to mold practical considerations such as cost and schedule into final recommendations.  We bring a fresh perspective to each project and endeavor to achieve an end result that fits seamlessly within the fabric of the community and its surrounding environment.

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