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TPA provided site design and landscape architecture services for a new 189-unit mixed-income residential development in Milford. An earlier approval for 342 affordable housing units on the site had obtained necessary approvals, but had stalled due to the complexity and costs of complying with permit conditions.


Using a revised zoning strategy, TPA prepared an alternate layout that accommodates the desired number of units within the upland portions of the site. This eliminated a challenging wetland corridor crossing and reduced the amount of vegetation clearing proposed within the 150-foot Beaver Brook buffer zone.


Challenges on site included working around the Iroquois gas transmission pipeline and accommodating Eastern Box Turtle habitat within the adjacent wetlands. To achieve a “no-rise” certification for earthwork activities within FEMA’s 100-year and 500-year floodplain areas, TPA provided compensatory flood storage volumes near Beaver Brook.


Site design includes grading, utilities, parking design, stormwater management, wildlife-friendly site lighting, EV charging stations, and extensive native plantings. Project is undergoing permit review in 2023 and expected to start construction later this year.

Beaver Brook Site Plan Rendering 40sc_edited.jpg
20210127 Beaver Brook - Arch Zoning Dwgs.jpg

(Perspective Prepared by Newman Architects)

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