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Despite its proximity to residential neighbors, this 11.5-acre parcel of open land proved difficult to develop as a conventional subdivision. Existing portions of Buckley Road's right-of-way were too narrow to comply with the Town’s subdivision regulations, and tidal wetlands and rock ledges precluded alternate approaches for site access. Conflicting land records from the site’s history as a trolley right-of-way introduced uncertainty about property ownership and how to calculate bulk zoning standards.


TPA developed an alternate zoning strategy using the Town’s Open Space Residential Development (OSRD) regulations which allowed for the desired density of homes within the limited upland portions of the site. Subsequently, TPA prepared plans and obtained zoning approval for 12 single-family homes in a common-interest OSRD community. 6.36 acres of the site will be committed as public open space.


A trail connection to adjacent Town of Branford and Branford Land Trust open space properties will improve access to Sybil Creek and its upper marsh landscapes. Water quality swales and stormwater infiltration infrastructure protect the adjacent tidal wetlands. Retention of existing trees and supplemental native landscape buffer plantings preserves the site’s value for wildlife and visually screens the new homes from adjacent yards. Construction is anticipated to start in 2023 and take two years.

2022-06-01 Revised Rendering for Buckley Road_edited.jpg
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