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The Town of North Haven selected TPA to prepare a master plan document for its municipal Center Block. Recently completed improvements to the Central Fire Headquarters as well as impending construction on the Police Station prompted the Town to explore possibilities for reorganizing vehicular circulation, increasing pedestrian connectivity, reducing impervious surface coverage, adding green spaces, and improving drainage. TPA met with stakeholders at the Town, Fire Department, and Library to understand current and future planning considerations. Funding was provided through a STEAP grant administered by DECD. TPA also assisted the Town with preparing its initial grant application in 2012.


Using STEAP funding, the Town implemented the first of three phases of the Master Plan in Summer 2018. Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be constructed as funding is obtained. Improvements in the first phase will allow utilities to be easily connected.

TPA provided site design and construction documents for the first phase of the Center Block Improvements Master Plan. The primary objective is to provide direct vehicular access to Broadway for Police and other first responders while maintaining a separate parking area for Library and Historical Society patrons. Existing conditions had both of these uses comingled which discouraged pedestrian use of the space.


The new parking lot retains the same number of spaces, but reduces the overall amount of impervious surface area. New sidewalks provide connections to Broadway, the Historical Society, and future improvement phases. Patrons of the popular Ludal's restaurant across the street have availed themselves of the extra hassle-free parking.


Twenty (20) new trees help reduce the urban heat island effect that made the original lot unbearable to walk around in. Five (5) new LED lights will improve visibility at night. New catch basins and perforated pipe connections will improve drainage and help alleviate chronic flooding issues in the Center Block.


Construction began in October 2018 and was substantially completed at the end of the year. Coordination with the police station renovations was essential to ensure that curb lines, drainage structures, paving, and site restoration work matched seamlessly.

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