TPA provided civil engineering and landscape architecture for the minor renovation of an existing commercial retail building (formerly leased by CVS Pharmacy) to accommodate a new tenant, Family Dollar. The parking lot and site walkway will be rebuilt with new grading to comply with ADA standards and improve site drainage. New pavement markings and signs will create safer circulation throughout the parking lot. A new bicycle rack will be installed to encourage non-motorized visits to the store.


Areas of pavement that are no longer needed will be removed which will result in a 20% reduction of impervious surfaces. All of the building roof and 98% of the hardscape will drain to new catch basins for infiltration into the soil via subsurface gallery units. Reductions in runoff to City storm sewers vary from 59% in 2-year storms to 25% in 50-year storms.


To comply with the Reflective Heat Ordinance, a new building roof will be installed as well as high-reflectivity concrete pavers in parking areas adjacent to the store. New lawn, trees, and ornamental planting areas further reduce the urban heat island and provide an attractive locale for neighborhood shoppers.

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