TPA is providing site engineering and landscape architecture services for the planned demolition of four existing commercial buildings along East Main Street. The age and poor physical condition of the former motel, conference center, and restaurant made them uneconomical to maintain for business purposes. The bank building near Route 1 was in better shape, but its curb cut access made customer entry and exit challenging for the business.


Proposed plans call for the construction  of a total 144 studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom units across six new buildings. Ground floor commercial spaces fronting along East Main Street will provide a transition between the Route 1 business corridor and the multi-family residences located in the rear of the site.


Additional project elements include 93 surface parking spaces  120 parking spaces are located within the footprint of buildings to allow more portions of the site to be dedicated to outdoor lawn and garden areas.


Underground detention for reduced runoff was also incorporated into the site design. The proximity of a wetland system and man-made stream channel required peak flows and discharges to be managed at levels below those of the existing motel and restaurant conditions. Existing outlet pipes will be carefully removed and disturbed areas restored with native wetland vegetation. A new outlet pipe and energy dissipator will convey pretreated runoff only in the heaviest of rainfall events rather than for every storm. Bayberry, Spicebush, Shadblow, and other buffer plantings will further filter and reduce runoff to the wetland system.


The project is currently proceeding through local regulatory approvals.

(Perspective Prepared by John A. Wicko Architect)