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TPA provided site design associated with a Planned Development District (PDD) for multiple parcels located near Exit 56 in Branford, Connecticut. The initial phase for the project called for demolition of several vacant commercial buildings and the construction of new residential buildings consisting of a total 144 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. 5,234 square feet of retail storefront space was proposed for the building closest to East Main Street in order to better connect the development to the existing commercial corridor. The project received approval in late 2020 and broke ground in spring of 2021.


At the request of the developer, TPA also reviewed feasibility for additional residential and/or commercial development on an adjoining parcel. Analysis demonstrated that a residential-only approach would be most feasible and that a single building would fit best in the challenging site conditions.


On this basis, TPA prepared an amended site plan to add another building with 44 units to the project. Parking, loading, trash facilities, drainage, utilities, landscaping, lighting, and other site improvements were revised to reflect a fully-interconnected and cohesive complex. Inland Wetland Commission as well as Planning and Zoning Commission submissions are pending approval. Construction is currently underway with an expected completion date in 2023.

East Main Street Development.jpg

(Perspective Prepared by John A. Wicko Architect)

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