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TPA provided landscape architecture design services for the development of a new fitness and walking trail in Medtronic’s North Haven campus. The company encourages its employees to be active during break times and the lack of connected places to walk was causing employees to seek out roadways to complete their loops.


In conjunction with staff representatives, TPA prepared a concept for a 0.9 mile internal loop in close proximity to all buildings on the campus. Pedestrian safety improvements such as marked crosswalks and signage make these connections safer for users. The overall approach is intended to be flexible in the event that Medtronic seeks to expand its campus again using the central area to locate another building.


A simple bituminous concrete walking trail was desired to keep the initial cost low; a more durable material may be used if the trail proves popular over time. Optional fitness stations were located at intervals along the trail to promote cardiovascular health, strength training, resistance, agility, and other exercises. A competition volleyball court with bleachers will be a special feature for team-building activities.


Landscape improvements include 34 new trees along the driveways and at each fitness station. Shrubs and perennials will add seasonal color and modest screening of user activity at each station.

Walking Trail and Fitness Park.jpg
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