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TPA was asked to conduct an analysis of pedestrian and vehicular circulation patterns for Medtronic's North Haven campus. Following a close call between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle, the facilities manager wanted to be sure that the multiple daily shift changes, frequent freight truck traffic, and intermittent pedestrian movement between buildings did not present any unwitting hazards for the 1,500 employees working there.

Pedestrian and vehicular movements were observed at the morning and afternoon shift changes. TPA documented locations for behaviors such as speeding, illegal parking, and red light running that diminished pedestrian safety. Additionally, TPA provided  recommendations on addressing built conditions that did not accommodate pedestrian movements such as lack of walkways, safety signage, or marked crossings. 

Medtronic's enthusiastic support of employee fitness resulted in dozens of people walking around the campus during their break time. TPA's observations showed that the lack of a dedicated area for them to go caused groups to use the roadways as loops alongside tractor trailers, maintenance trucks, and passenger cars. As a result of the study, Medtronic agreed that a separate fitness and walking area would best serve the needs of employees.



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