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Near Science Park, Multi-Family Housing to Transform a Vacant Industrial Site

TPA is providing civil engineering design, erosion control observations, and permit application services related to the proposed 400 unit residential redevelopment on a 12 acre industrial site straddling the Dixwell and Newhallville neighborhoods.

TPA has been working with Double A Development and the City of New Haven to facilitate a transformation of the site. As an initial step, a Zone Change application to allow a change from heavy industrial to residential use was submitted and approved by the Board of Alders. A full site plan application is expected later in 2018.

In its heyday, the site comprised Tract C of the Winchester Repeating Arms facility for the production of bullets and shot. Post World War II, Winchester’s parent company, the Olin-Mathieson Chemical Corporation, redeveloped the site for manufacturing and handling of specialty commercial chemicals.

Two (2) Winchester-era munitions bunkers have been documented in conjunction with the State Historic Preservation Office. A similar subsurface utility tunnel was also researched, but determined to not be a contributing resource to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company Historic District.

In Fall 2017, the vacant chemical facilities were abated and demolished. Separate permission was obtained to haul in and stockpile approximately 19,000 cubic yards of clean fill for use in remediating the site. As of Spring 2018, additional work commenced to remove existing pavement surfaces, cut down trees and vegetation, and begin cleanup of selected contaminated soils.

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